Surfers Paradise – Attractions

Surfers Paradise holds various attractions, many of which tourists have never seen before. The area is vaguely decorated with plant life and beaches that seem to “glow” underneath the sun’s rays. It is home to many local people and appreciated by the tourists who often visit there. When most people visit Surfer’s Paradise, they think they are in a huge water park. You can play in the water, swim, surf, and even take a boat ride. If you don’t feel like going in the water, there are other things to do in Surfers Paradise. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

surfers-paradise-car-rentalHave you ever seen the TV show, Ripley’s Believe it or Not? They have the Ripley’s museum for those who want to look at the bizarre findings that Robert Ripley collected throughout the years. This man was known to travel the world in order to find something out of the ordinary. He was always fascinated by unusual people, facts, items, and information. Here you will see tiny shrunken heads and even real dinosaur eggs. Not to worry – these dinosaur eggs won’t hatch anytime soon. They are considered dead eggs. You’ll be amazed at the size of them. Also, if you want to go for a spin in rotating tunnels, be our guest. They feature information regarding Robert Wadlow who was the tallest man alive, standing at 8″11 feet. If you are six foot and decide to stand next to him, you’ll suddenly feel short compared to this giant. You can easily make your way around with a surfers paradise car rental. The museum is open anywhere from nine in the morning until 11 at night, giving you plenty of time to visit.

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Gold Coast Tourism

If you have never been to the Gold Coast before, you are in for a treat. The Gold Coast is a beautiful city that is connected by many bodies of water, overlapping the city. You’ll see many rivers and bridges throughout the area and it is often very sunny in the area. The white beaches surround the tall buildings which sit along the outer edges of the city, almost sparkling beneath the sun. The view is simply amazing, with tourists and locals enjoying their time on the beach. These beaches even have lifeguards that are always on duty, ensuring that you are safe and within good hands. Surfers Paradise is world famous, why not book with a surfers paradise car hire company and enjoy the freedom of your own transport while you enjoy the Gold Coast.

surfers_paradise_car_hireOne of our favorite places for tourism is the Lamington National Park. It is actually a park that is considered part of the rainforest within Australia. They call the area “Gondwana Rainforest”. When visiting this area, you’ll see tall waterfalls with lush greens all around. Currently, they have over 170 kilometres of walking trails. One of the most popular trails people go on is the Border track which first came about in the 1930. On this track, you won’t get lost and will also be able to see everything over the Coomera Valley. This particular rainforest has plenty of exotic flowers and wildlife throughout the area, making this a magical place for many first time visitors. So many people enjoy coming back to explore more and it’s always a different experience each time you go.

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Gold Coast Airport – Guidelines and preparation

The Gold Coast Airport has much to offer when it comes to passing travelers. The facilities are clean and you’ll find large bathrooms, baggage pick up or drop off centers, etc. The working staff at gold Coast Airport is friendly and also helpful for those who need more information or have a specific request. Before arriving at the airport, you should prepare a few hours ahead of time when it comes to what type of items you’ll bring, parking decisions, and getting there on time. You can even book your gold coast airport car hire online before you arrive, that way your rental car is waiting for you.

The Gold Coast Airport is considered one of Australia’s most well known airports. According to 2010 records, it shows that this airport is the 6th busiest one in Australia. This airport is both used for domestic and international planes. If you are coming from Brisbane, it is about 62 miles away. From Surfers Paradise, you will only need to travel 16 miles to get to the airport. The runaway is along 5 suburbs, close to the state border of Queensland and in New South Wales as well. In the summertime, both of these states have different time zones.

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Things to do in the Gold Coast

Are you taking a first time trip to Australia? Since this is your first time, you’ll want to know what thing you can do in the Gold Coast, since this is where you will be spending a majority of time. Luckily for you, they have many 4-5 star resorts, vacation rentals, hotels, and restaurants within the Gold Coast.┬áNear the airport, Coolangatta Car Hire services are ready to offer you great deals.

coolangatta_car_hireIf you plan to get together and enjoy nature, camping should be your number one choice. The city is filled with plenty of camping caravan, and campervan sites over at the Main Beach Tourist Park. You might be someone who doesn’t like to walk on the rocks of a shallow floor and if this is so, the beach would be a better environment for you. The majority of the campsites are located 100m from the beach, making it a short hike.

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Ed Sheeran at Brisbane Riverstage

Ed-Sheeran-brisbane-Car-RentalsThis month Ed Sheeran is returning to Riverstage in Australia for his tour. Everyone is overjoyed that Ed will be on the stage once again. This talented song writer and singer has much to offer in life and his work has finally played off. If you have never heard of his music, why not listen to it now? Listen to Lego House and a song called Drunk. These are two of his most popular songs that were platinum singles. You may need a brisbane car rental company to help you find the venue if you are travelling from out of town to see the show.

Ever since he began going on tour, tickets would be sold out with a week to two weeks. Fan requests constantly come in as well as requests for shows in other places. Everyone wants to hear Ed Sheeran’s songs. All of his songs are uplifting and full of life. If you feel despair or sadness – just turn on one of Ed’s songs and you will no longer feel these emotions. The way he puts together his beats and lyrics is simply amazing. The majority of his music has a calming effect on people, which is why he is so popular in the music industry.

Currently, Warner music has released his debut album and ever since then, it topped platinum. He sings about love, loss and some of his most cherished memories throughout the years. He started his career when he was only 15 and this is what made him so popular in a short amount of time. Sheeran wasn’t looking for approval and he didn’t want to sing in front of a jury who constantly critiqued him. He just wanted to put all of his songs out there. This is why he made a few independent EPs at the young age of fifteen.

Once 2009 came by, he began forming. We don’t mean performing at a few shows here and there. He was actually performing 300 shows annually. That was roughly 25 shows a month. You can tell he worked hard and he know that someone would notice him. He had the talent and the skills of a professional music artist – but all he needed was the ears of the fans. Sheeran was set on putting out a name for himself that no one would forget. He did everything so well and through all of his perseverance, look where he is now.

He actually receive two Brit awards during his lifetime, which he continues to admire in his home. He won the Best Male Artist and also the Best British Breakthrough Act. His charming personality is what the fans loved and it showed right through his music at best. He plans on coming to Australia next February, so be sure to get your tickets. It might be too late, even if you purchase tickets three months ahead of time. You need to get in quickly if you want to enjoy Sheeran’s music. Besides, he only comes to Australia 2-4 times a year and he’s not always in the same city. He might have been in your hometown a few years ago but if your open for a little travel time, then you just might as well bring all your friends.

Gold Coast Spectacular Bulls On The Beach

Australia is widely known for bull riding and the fearless bareback riders that get on top of these ferocious animals. Sometime next month, the National Rodeo of Australia will have a championship event and you are welcome to come. It begins on the Gold coast and the location takes place at the Sea World car park. This is actually at Southsport Spit. Be sure to show up early to take your seats. They open at 7pm on March 8th.
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The best part about this family fun event is that you’ll see cowboys and cowgirls walking around everywhere. Spectators will be in their seats, snacking on their favorite foods while watching an exciting bull riding competition. Only the bravest man will be the last standing, or shall we say sitting? In bull riding, you must stay on top of the bull for as long as possible as it wildly bucks and kicks. At any moment, you could go flying in the air or even suffer a serious injury.
These bulls are incredibly muscular, with a huge body. They have sharp horns that could penetrate at any time. They certainly aren’t happy about having someone climb on top of them and ride them as if they were a horse. Besides – this goes against their nature. Don’t feel bad though because most of these bulls are cared for with respect. Their care takers feed them enough food each day and will sometimes groom them or provide medical help. Everything is done for them and bull riders do not ride them daily. Instead, they take them on special events every few months, like this year’s “Bulls on the Beach” event.
Most of the time though, the bull riders are okay. They’ve done this for such a long time that they know exactly what to expect. With flaring nostrils and a nasty attitude, these bulls will do anything to get a bull rider off them. But these riders are strong and most of them won’t budge, even after one long minute of riding. They will hang on until the situation becomes severe or dangerous. Just imagine the adrenaline rush some of these bull riders experience. If you were to jump on a bull – it’s one ride you’d never forget.
The best part about bull riding is that you never know what will happen next. A bull rider could suddenly become trampled or you could see an amazing three minute ride that never seems to end. While this is a dangerous sport, it is still fun to watch. These bulls are angry for a reason and will never be tame – no matter how many bull riders hold onto them. Bulls are wild animals by nature and nothing will change that.
This event is set up to give it’s funds charity. A few of them that will be receiving the funds are the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Rotary, and Give me 5 for Kids. If you want to get in on all this fun, be sure to visit the website called “Bulls on the Beach”. Otherwise, just give them a call to request any information.

Romantic Dining Around Brisbane

Roughly 80% of all dining is between couples and “dates”. In fact, most of the people who go out are either married or have a boyfriend/girlfriend that they spend their time with. Most of the time, they’ll go out for a bite to eat. This could be at a fancy restaurant or an authentic Mexican restaurant. Anything could be considered romantic dining at this point. It doesn’t matter where it is. As long as the restaurant has great food and a romantic dim light setting, it will be a pleasurable experience.brisbane-car-hire

If you want to take out your best friend on a date, whom you also have a crush on – why not take her to her favorite restaurant? Ask her what places she likes to eat out at and be sure to make it a surprise. The girl you like will appreciate it and she will remember it when she thinks of you. It’s always fun to go out and eat, having conversation while you enjoy your food. Just remember to keep your mouth closed while chewing and mind your manners!
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Romantic dining is also great for special occasions between you and the one you love. Your husband gave you a great anniversary gift and since he is a man that has everything – you have no idea what to get him! Why not take him out to a romantic restaurant? Chances are, you already know what types of restaurants he goes to, so pick something from there. You want it to be a surprise. Don’t let him know you are doing anything for him on the anniversary. At the same time, it is a good idea to plan something different and this way he will be available for the special day.

Many people ask what restaurants are appropriate for romantic dining. This really depends on your preferences. If you like upscale restaurants, we recommend that you go to a five star restaurant. Going to the taco truck just won’t cut it. You want a place where you can sit down and enjoy the sweet aromas that come from the kitchen while you wait. By the time you are ready to eat, your taste buds will practically burst from all the anticipation.

It is important to choose a restaurant which has a calm setting. Chinese restaurants are the best for this, considering that they always play soft music and have beautiful artwork for you to admire while you wait. If you plan on purposing to the woman of your dreams – you better be prepared. Make a reservation beforehand and make sure it is not overly crowded. You can ask the restaurant what days they aren’t very busy. If you want to make it extremely romantic for your lady, you can request a special song. Some restaurants have singers or guitar players, depending on where you go.

With romantic dining, you’ll be able to have a great time and become closer to the special person you are dining with. Remember to always plan ahead by making proper reservations and asking about the menu. We wish the best of luck in your romantic dining endeavors.