Things to do in the Gold Coast

Are you taking a first time trip to Australia? Since this is your first time, you’ll want to know what thing you can do in the Gold Coast, since this is where you will be spending a majority of time. Luckily for you, they have many 4-5 star resorts, vacation rentals, hotels, and restaurants within the Gold Coast.┬áNear the airport, Coolangatta Car Hire services are ready to offer you great deals.

coolangatta_car_hireIf you plan to get together and enjoy nature, camping should be your number one choice. The city is filled with plenty of camping caravan, and campervan sites over at the Main Beach Tourist Park. You might be someone who doesn’t like to walk on the rocks of a shallow floor and if this is so, the beach would be a better environment for you. The majority of the campsites are located 100m from the beach, making it a short hike.

Beachfront apartments
Try visiting some of the Beachfront apartments and see which one you like best. Some are luxurious while others replicate the look of a cozy, country cabin. The benefit for Beachfront apartments is that you can enjoy looking outside your porch at the water, seeing the sun move across the sea. Inside, you’ll have access to a microwave, stove, the bed, full fridge, and even a living room. These are great for those who would like privacy instead of going to a hotel.

Hotel Resorts
What about checking out some fine hotel resorts? You can pick from the Meriton Serviced Apartments, Maldives resort, or Sante Anne by the Sea. Many of these resorts have swimming pools, hot tubs, inside bars or cafes, and of course – a lobby where you can read or wait for friends. Some hotel resorts include a spa place where you can relax so be sure to inquire before you visit.

Restaurant Life
Have a particular food craving that just doesn’t seem to go away? Try visiting Teddler Avenue which is located on the Main Beach strip. We were amazed to see how many restaurants were there and they had many types of places to eat at. Some of the places included Thai, Indian, Italian, and some classic Australian restaurants. If you only want a small snack or some coffee for the morning, you’ll notice there are many cafes and bars sandwiched between some of the buildings. This is great for people who want to have a morning breakfast or enjoy a late night drink.

The Main Beach
Everyone who lives in Australia knows the Main Beach like the back of their hand. It is a short term home for many tourists around the world. Here you can go people watching, visit Sea World with the family or drive fifteen minutes away to see some of the theme parks. It’s really up to you. Remember that the best times to take advantage of the Main Beach area is during early or late summer. If you prefer going to places that aren’t as crowded, you should try going during shoulder seasons. There won’t be as many people that you need to worry about and you can focus on your family or friends.