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Renting a Car in the Airport

Renting a vehicle in the airport is much more worthwhile then venturing out these days because you won’t have to fight with so many people who are in the way and usually it’s much faster. Having to go out of the airport just to find a taxi might not be worthwhile for you. If you have a large family this might be a hassle since each person has at least 2 bags and on top of that, the kids need to be watched closely. You probably have your hands full right now. You will be looking for the best car hire Gold Coast car hire companies can offer.

car-hire-gold-coastThere is so much you need to do in the airport once you’ve arrived and with everything else going on it may be difficult to complete certain tasks. Your first step would be to pick up your luggage because the longer you wait it could become stolen or lost. This is why we are urging you to pick up your luggage right away. Although security is there to monitor any suspicious behavior, you still need to watch your own back. There are many thieves in the airport and usually you won’t be able to tell. Some cleverly dress in a suit to not give off any sort of attention to them. Continue reading

Top Scenic Spots To Drive By

Australia has attracted thousands of people every month and with hundreds of new tourists coming into the cities, you’ll be able to meet people who are here for the same reason you are – exploring the city. If you are a new tourist and don’t know where to go, you’ll probably need a guide. For those of you planning a long car trip across a wide area, we have put together the top scenic spots
that you can admire. Organizing your car rental from gold coast airport can be done online before you leave. These places are very beautiful and you won’t even have to get out of your car to see them. If you are interested in seeing the places, you can plan your day around the place that we recommended for you. For example, if you see a state park with lush, green folliage then you’ll probably want to visit so that way you can get a better view. This park may catch your interest, as with other spots that we will be recommending to you. Remember that this is your trip so you schedule each activity however you like.

The Kimberleys of West Australiacar-rental-from-gold-coast-airport
This tourism destination is filled with ancient mountains and a wide, beautiful gorge. Each ridge is very steep and you’ll be able to kayak through the water, enjoying the spectacular lake. Although it seems barren here, there is still much to see.

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Benefits of vacationing in Australia with a Car Rental

Vacationing in Australia with a car rental is a huge privilege, considering you don’t need to go in a taxi, on a bus, or a train. Getting around in your car rental is 3x faster than any other transportation available. Most find it more convenient because you can use the air conditioning, take shortcuts, and play with the radio. Of course, that is only if you have the buttons on the steering wheel! Tourists absolutely love the land of Australia because you can take a long drive and the scenery is amazing. Drive past huge mountains, fields of gold, and even vegetated rainforests. You’ll see some of the most beautiful sights you’ve never seen in Australia before. Being able to go in car is so much better because you can visit 3-4 places during the day instead of just one or two. If you book a car hire in the gold coast for example, we can look at some of the benefits of a car rental:

You are safe and sheltered from any weather. This means no walking in the rain or having to bear the hot sun. Australia can get very hot and there has been plenty of times that it has been 100 degrees or at least close to that. With a car, you can use air conditioning.

Arriving to your destination is much quicker. The hotel you are going to would normally take an hour to get there on the bus but you only have to drive for a total of 35 minutes. This leaves you with other things to do instead of just waiting around.
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Staying cool in your Rental Car

Are you traveling to Queensland where it is incredibly hot and is known for its humidity? If so, you might want to learn a few tricks for staying cool in your rental car. As most of you know, Australia can become scorching hot, especially in summer time. Most of the parks there are water-themed parks because of this. People aren’t looking to visit and admire the desert. They want to visit the beach, enjoy the wet waves, and splash around. If you are someone who doesn’t believe in using the air conditioner all the time, you’ll need to come up with a few ways for you and your family to stay cool. Obviously, you don’t want the kids and wife complaining during the whole trip. Also, you don’t want to spend your gas money on air conditioner either. You will find with most car rental Gold Coast wide the vehicles will have air conditioning.
When most children are sitting in the car, they become frustrated because of the long trip. Hot weather can really add to this, making them become extremely irritated. They might have trouble falling asleep or may begin to make a big fuss about how hot it is. You don’t seem too phased by the weather and know it is only twenty more minutes until you get to your destination, but still want to help your little ones. It is very important to keep ice cold bottles of water in the car. Always put 2-4 ice cold bottles of water. Your family can drink these and even put them on their forehead for temporary relief.
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