Gold Coast Spectacular Bulls On The Beach

Australia is widely known for bull riding and the fearless bareback riders that get on top of these ferocious animals. Sometime next month, the National Rodeo of Australia will have a championship event and you are welcome to come. It begins on the Gold coast and the location takes place at the Sea World car park. This is actually at Southsport Spit. Be sure to show up early to take your seats. They open at 7pm on March 8th.
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The best part about this family fun event is that you’ll see cowboys and cowgirls walking around everywhere. Spectators will be in their seats, snacking on their favorite foods while watching an exciting bull riding competition. Only the bravest man will be the last standing, or shall we say sitting? In bull riding, you must stay on top of the bull for as long as possible as it wildly bucks and kicks. At any moment, you could go flying in the air or even suffer a serious injury.
These bulls are incredibly muscular, with a huge body. They have sharp horns that could penetrate at any time. They certainly aren’t happy about having someone climb on top of them and ride them as if they were a horse. Besides – this goes against their nature. Don’t feel bad though because most of these bulls are cared for with respect. Their care takers feed them enough food each day and will sometimes groom them or provide medical help. Everything is done for them and bull riders do not ride them daily. Instead, they take them on special events every few months, like this year’s “Bulls on the Beach” event.
Most of the time though, the bull riders are okay. They’ve done this for such a long time that they know exactly what to expect. With flaring nostrils and a nasty attitude, these bulls will do anything to get a bull rider off them. But these riders are strong and most of them won’t budge, even after one long minute of riding. They will hang on until the situation becomes severe or dangerous. Just imagine the adrenaline rush some of these bull riders experience. If you were to jump on a bull – it’s one ride you’d never forget.
The best part about bull riding is that you never know what will happen next. A bull rider could suddenly become trampled or you could see an amazing three minute ride that never seems to end. While this is a dangerous sport, it is still fun to watch. These bulls are angry for a reason and will never be tame – no matter how many bull riders hold onto them. Bulls are wild animals by nature and nothing will change that.
This event is set up to give it’s funds charity. A few of them that will be receiving the funds are the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Rotary, and Give me 5 for Kids. If you want to get in on all this fun, be sure to visit the website called “Bulls on the Beach”. Otherwise, just give them a call to request any information.