Gold Coast Tourism

If you have never been to the Gold Coast before, you are in for a treat. The Gold Coast is a beautiful city that is connected by many bodies of water, overlapping the city. You’ll see many rivers and bridges throughout the area and it is often very sunny in the area. The white beaches surround the tall buildings which sit along the outer edges of the city, almost sparkling beneath the sun. The view is simply amazing, with tourists and locals enjoying their time on the beach. These beaches even have lifeguards that are always on duty, ensuring that you are safe and within good hands. Surfers Paradise is world famous, why not book with a surfers paradise car hire company and enjoy the freedom of your own transport while you enjoy the Gold Coast.

surfers_paradise_car_hireOne of our favorite places for tourism is the Lamington National Park. It is actually a park that is considered part of the rainforest within Australia. They call the area “Gondwana Rainforest”. When visiting this area, you’ll see tall waterfalls with lush greens all around. Currently, they have over 170 kilometres of walking trails. One of the most popular trails people go on is the Border track which first came about in the 1930. On this track, you won’t get lost and will also be able to see everything over the Coomera Valley. This particular rainforest has plenty of exotic flowers and wildlife throughout the area, making this a magical place for many first time visitors. So many people enjoy coming back to explore more and it’s always a different experience each time you go.

Want to bask in the city life instead? If so, the Main Beach is a perfect place for you. It has many attractions where you can dine, seek entertainment, and even shop. This place is littered with small boutiques and you’ll see most of the tourists around this area. The boutiques have many souvenirs’, ranging from summer outfits to Australian artwork or designs. There are also a few snack bars along the way – in case you get hungry. Since they have parklands scattered throughout Main Beach, you can invite your family to a picnic instead. This creates more time to spend with the family and get away from crowded places for dining or snack bars. If you want more privacy and freedom to do things with your loved ones, a picnic is always best! We also suggest that you visit Tedder Avenue. You’ll get to see many of the Australian cafes and restaurants that they have. Not only are there just Australian restaurants but you may also bump into a few Italian or Chinese places along the way. It’s always good to have variety – especially when you are craving something different while on your trip. However, if you have never tasted real Australian cuisine, we suggest you try it first.

Looking to stay in a five-star hotel? Try the Palazzo Versace Hotel. The hotel has many large rooms with all the services you could ever think of. You name it and they have it! Rooms include wireless, TV, small kitchen, bath or shower, fresh towels, and so much more. If you want, you can also head down to their spa center for some relaxing luxury treatment. It is in the middle of a huge shopping center that also have a few places to eat. You’ll even find some trendy bars when visiting the area.