Surfers Paradise – Attractions

Surfers Paradise holds various attractions, many of which tourists have never seen before. The area is vaguely decorated with plant life and beaches that seem to “glow” underneath the sun’s rays. It is home to many local people and appreciated by the tourists who often visit there. When most people visit Surfer’s Paradise, they think they are in a huge water park. You can play in the water, swim, surf, and even take a boat ride. If you don’t feel like going in the water, there are other things to do in Surfers Paradise. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

surfers-paradise-car-rentalHave you ever seen the TV show, Ripley’s Believe it or Not? They have the Ripley’s museum for those who want to look at the bizarre findings that Robert Ripley collected throughout the years. This man was known to travel the world in order to find something out of the ordinary. He was always fascinated by unusual people, facts, items, and information. Here you will see tiny shrunken heads and even real dinosaur eggs. Not to worry – these dinosaur eggs won’t hatch anytime soon. They are considered dead eggs. You’ll be amazed at the size of them. Also, if you want to go for a spin in rotating tunnels, be our guest. They feature information regarding Robert Wadlow who was the tallest man alive, standing at 8″11 feet. If you are six foot and decide to stand next to him, you’ll suddenly feel short compared to this giant. You can easily make your way around with a surfers paradise car rental. The museum is open anywhere from nine in the morning until 11 at night, giving you plenty of time to visit.

Brining your kids along to the Build-A-Bear workshop which is located in the middle of Surfers Paradise, directly on Cavill Avenue. The place is open 9am-7pm from Monday through Wednesday. If you want to go anywhere between Thursday and Sunday, you can show up after 9am and the place closes at 9pm. Building your own bear is a great way to teach your kids about arts and crafts. They can pick from thirty different animals to choose from and begin to build their furry little friend. Adding stuffing might be tricky so you’ll need to show them just how much to add. The best part is that once they finish stuffing their animal, they can sew it up and will be handed a birth certificate, based on the name of their stuffed animal. You can also encourage them to dress their bear in clothes from Disney, AFL, NRL, and other brand names.

Surfers Paradise even has something called a “Ghost tour”, where you can check out parts of the area, looking into the overall history of the place. You’ll learn about ghosts that are based off past events and who knows – you might even see one! The tour will take place in the Gold Coast Visitor Information Centre so make sure to inquire about this even over there. The tour lasts for almost two hours. The only days they have the tours open are during Friday and Saturday, so make sure you get there before 8:00pm. The tour will start at 8:30 up until 10pm. They also have a tour that begins at 10:30, lasting until midnight. Each adult ticket is $25 while the children get in for just $15.