Staying cool in your Rental Car

Are you traveling to Queensland where it is incredibly hot and is known for its humidity? If so, you might want to learn a few tricks for staying cool in your rental car. As most of you know, Australia can become scorching hot, especially in summer time. Most of the parks there are water-themed parks because of this. People aren’t looking to visit and admire the desert. They want to visit the beach, enjoy the wet waves, and splash around. If you are someone who doesn’t believe in using the air conditioner all the time, you’ll need to come up with a few ways for you and your family to stay cool. Obviously, you don’t want the kids and wife complaining during the whole trip. Also, you don’t want to spend your gas money on air conditioner either. You will find with most car rental Gold Coast wide the vehicles will have air conditioning.
When most children are sitting in the car, they become frustrated because of the long trip. Hot weather can really add to this, making them become extremely irritated. They might have trouble falling asleep or may begin to make a big fuss about how hot it is. You don’t seem too phased by the weather and know it is only twenty more minutes until you get to your destination, but still want to help your little ones. It is very important to keep ice cold bottles of water in the car. Always put 2-4 ice cold bottles of water. Your family can drink these and even put them on their forehead for temporary relief.

Another way to keep cool is by making small fans. Just fold a 8×10 paper, turning it back and forth,car-rental-gold-coast then creating a crease. The smaller creases you make, the more effective the fan will be. If you make large creases – it might not be very effective. Make it neatly as possible. Now you can fan yourself. Try making a few for the kids too and this way they can use this to cool down. This method has been around for quite some time and can work well.
Because of the extreme humidity in Australia, keeping cool can be difficult. It is important to make frequent bathroom stops while going long distances. Encourage your family to bring extra clothes so they can change into a fresh T-shirt if they are sweating. If you happen to run out of drinks, by some at the nearest gas station. You can even get an ice chest cooler to put in the car.
Before you even leave the hotel to get in the car, make sure you take a cold shower. This will shave off fifteen minutes before you start to heat up and feel aggravated from sun. Also, suggest this same advice to your family. If they are in the same hotel, they can always splash water on their face or take turns having showers. Just make sure each person has a 5-10 minute shower only, otherwise if they take too long, some people will already be dry. Another idea would be to bring a couple of squirt guns you and the family can use on the trip. Just put it in your trunk and have a water battle whenever you decide to pull over. The trick is to leave the squirt guns in the freezer and then when you leave, put them in the car.