What’s different about driving in Australia?

There are many differences when it comes to driving in Australia. It’s not like at home where you drive on the left side. Things are different here and you’ll need to get used to the changes before venturing out on a driving trip. Following proper street rules and etiquette on the road, you’ll be able to make positive decisions. Always take your time when making a decision so this way you won’t regret it later. When driving in a foreign country, you should always drive slower than usual but not so slow that you could cause an accident. Just be aware of your surroundings, use turn signals, and your mirrors all the time. This is the safest way to defend yourself from a car accident.
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car-hire-gold-coastLeft Drivers
Everyone is considered a “left” driver which means that they must drive on the left side of the road. In places like Sydney and Melbourne, the road rules there are different. For example, they have the right away to cars. If you are someone who plans on driving in the city, you should be aware of buses. They also have the right away so always give them time to pull out of their bus stop and start driving again. If you prefer, you can take thirty minutes to drive around in an empty parking lot to get started. Some car hire companies have designated spots where you can practice your driving skills. Just ask them about it and they will be more then happy to help you become a “left” side driver.

Seat Belts and Child seats
Having an adult secured in their seat belt is very important. You never know when an accident could happen. A car hire company in Australia may be able to provide you with special booster seats if you are short. Also, child seats can be arranged to put in the car. If you didn’t bring a child seat, look for a company that has them. Carrying tons of luggage and a baby is hectic work and you want to make it as easy as possible. Everyone who is in the car must wear seatbelts or you may end up getting a ticket.

The Speed Limit
In Australia, the speed local speed limit rangers from 50kph to 80kph. They always show signs on the side of the road which indicates how fast you are allowed to go. Be sure to drive slower in resident neighborhoods since there are many kids who play. Some kids will cross without looking and this is why you need to be careful Take your driving experience seriously and you’ll be in good hands. Some cities will have working cameras which pick up your license plate in case you run a red light or go too fast. If you end up getting a ticket or parking fee, the car rental company will be sending you a bill a few weeks later so always drive with care. If you ever get pulled over, always be respectful and polite to the law. The chances of them letting you off increase if you are positive and tell them the truth. Most will understand you, especially if you are on vacation and don’t know where you are going.