Renting a Car in Australia

Renting a car in Australia can be quite intimidating, especially if this is your first time traveling. After all, you don’t know the area that well – it will be difficult to figure out where you need to go in order to get a car rental. Luckily, most airports have car rental companies available. Although this may be more expensive from the surrounding rental car companies, it will be a better choice for a new traveler. The only issue is the long wait in line. There are literally hundreds of people looking to rent a car on the same day you are so it is best to book your vehicle ahead of time. With Queensland car hire being in such demand you won’t know if they are out of cars until you get there and making last minute changes is stressful.

queensland-car-hireBefore you even think about renting a car, you need to know if you are eligible to rent. In order to rent, a person must obtain a valid unrestricted license. The age here for driving is different and people who are over the age of 21 are only permitted to drive. International licenses can be accepted too and in the case they aren’t written in English, you can always have a translator look it over.

Extra expenses are part of renting a car. You obviously need to be able to confirm liability. There are some possibilities that you could be involved in an accident. Even if you are the safest driver in the world, the car hire company has to protect themselves and the vehicles they own. The best thing to do is get a premium insurance pack and this means if there is an accident, you won’t pay anything. The premium insurance packs are expensive but they will save your life!

As with any car rental business, you must always bring back the car in the shape it was before. This means everything should be in place. If your car had a full tank of gas when you got it, the company expects you to bring it back on a full tank of gas. Otherwise, you may get charged extra fees for the inconvenience. Always ask if they have extra fees for anything so that this way you won’t get stuck paying them.

The only person who is allowed to drive the vehicle is the one who has the insurance. You can always add extra drivers to your insurance agreement. If you and your wife will be sharing the car, it is a good idea to add her to the plan. This way if you are pulled over or are in any car accident, you won’t be held liable. Always be safe than sorry! When adding someone to the plan, you’ll need to supply your license and pay extra for this.

The best tip for renting a car hire company in Australia has to do with prior damage. If you notice some damage before renting the car, it is important that you notify the company first. You don’t want them to think it was you who damaged the car. This is the #1 mistake people make when renting a car. They are in such a hurry to go that they won’t even examine the car. Everything from the outside and in should be looked over carefully.