Using a rental car to explore Sunshine Coast – 5 Day Self-Drive

Most places within Sunshine Coast are spread apart, meaning you’ll
need a car for this 5 day self-drive. You probably want to avoid
going on a taxi or a bus. A bus is used as public transportation
and you certainly don’t want to meet the wrong crowd. Australia is
generally a safe area but you can never be too sure so that’s why
we either recommend using a taxi or better yet – a car. By
utilizing a car hire company, you will cut your costs anywhere from
30% to 60% opposed to as what a taxi would charge you.
We recommend a Gold Coast car Rental company such as Select Rent A car.

gold-coast-car-rentalOnce you contact a car rental business, you’ll be able to submit your documents and quickly get in the car. It will take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes to go through the process of renting a car, depending on what company you are using and also their policies.
When you are finally finished, you will be glad you rented a car. However, if you are from another country and aren’t used to driving on the right side of the vehicle – it may be difficult for you to get used to. Just take it slow when you are on the road or you can practice before you get to the Sunshine Coast.

Enjoying a rental car with your friend can be incredibly fun.
They’ll be in the back or upfront with you, singing along songs to
highlight their happiness. Everyone is happy on vacation, right?
Also, playing car games is always fun to do. Ever heard of Sweet or
Sour? You drive by and wave at another person. If they wave back,
they are sweet. If they saw you but ignore, they are sour. We
recommend that the passenger always start the game as you need to
pay attention to your driving skills.
Exploring Sunshine Coast will be an eye opening experience for you
and most likely, you will want to come back on your next trip. Here
are some of the places to see in Sunshine Coast:
First Day – Brisbane to Noosa
Once you acquire a car from the rental business, go ahead and go on
up the motorway of the Sunshine Coast. The trip is actually one
hour and fifty minutes but that can flucuate, depending on how much
traffic there is.

Day 2 – Noosa to Blackall Range
Starting your day early is a great way to enjoy the Blackall Range.
Here there are high, beautiful mountains surrounding the many towns
such as Mapleton or Montville. The views are absolutely gorgeous
and there are many art galleries in the area. Do yourself a favor
and look at some of the Australian art. If you want a view of the
park or a relaxing place to hang out, visit the Mary Cairncross
Park. Here you will get to see the Glass House Mountain range.
There are plenty of hiking spots as well.

Day 3 – Noosa to Rainbow Beach
Head North if you want to visit the Cooloola National Park and
Reserve. Over here, they have a river cruise that goes straight
into the everglades. Bring your family on the cruise and you’ll
enjoy sights you’ve never seen before. This is a four hour cruise
and well worth the time you spend on it. If you prefer, you can go
to Tin Can Bay if you want to view the playful dolphins.