Food For Travel

It is wise to consider what food you will take with you on a car journey, with the adults and children to consider differently you can save a lot of trouble, indigestion and even danger by putting some careful thought into this before your journey. Look for more Queensland Car Rental tips online after reading our suggestions below.


It is very important to consider the safety of your children when it comes to eating in the car. Avoid snacks that are hard to swallow, remember your kids are out of your reach in the back of the car. It’s wise with kids to only give them soft snacks that are chewed and eaten easily, that way you won’t find them falling asleep with a lollipop in their mouth for example, which can be dangerous.

In the excitement of going on a trip together it is all to easy to get carried away with ‘party’ food and snacks that will give kids a sugar rush. You are best advised to avoid this temptation however. Nothing is more difficult than kids on a sugar high confined to a small space, arguments and fights can ensue making for a stressful start to what was meant to be a happy time.

Snacks like fruit are great for various reasons, though their are some important legal considerations to remember if you are traveling across borders or interstate, any left over fruit may need to be thrown out since some states won’t allow you to bring produce across their boundary to prevent the spread of unwanted pests and disease.
Having said that, fruit is a great snack for keeping energy levels up while avoiding those troublesome sugar highs mentioned earlier.
Be prepared for spills by ensuring you bring plenty of wipes and towels for the trip.

Finally you are well advised not to eat a big hearty meal before traveling. The last thing you the driver or any other passengers want is indigestion on a car trip. The smaller, more frequent type of snack eating is a much better idea since this keeps you at a more constant energy level. Snacks like peanuts and other nuts are great, especially for the driver since they will keep him or her energized and focused during the trip.